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Noam Chomsky in Oslo: Beyond State Socialism

During a visit to Oslo Noam Chomsky gave a 70 minute video interview with our Anarkismo sister group, Counterpower. Chomsky says the most important task is the creation of Libertarian Socialist organisations and that if we keep the current system we are doomed. Counterpower describe the event as "an evening dedicated to the question of alternatives both beyond capitalism and state socialism, including what the alternative could look like and how we could get there." 

Areas touched on in the interview include

Core principles of anarchism
Organisation in an anarchist society
The Real life example of the Spanish Revolution
Worker run enterprises under capitalism - Mondragon & Porto Alegre's popular budgets
Differences between Libertarian & State socialism
Famines don't happen in democracies & post colonial India
Revolution in China
Does Norwegian Social Democracy mean there is no need for social change
Health Care in Cuba & the US
Climate change
Prefiguring revolutionary society
Learning how to organize through experience
The Arab Spring & Labour militancy
Core elements of a Libertarian Socialist organisation
Parecon - worth thinking about
'Libertarian' capitalism
Bolshevik revolution as the worst blow against socialism
What about those that don't want to work, critique of Parecon
The real legacy of Adam Smith
The most important task is the creation of libertarian socialist movements
The London anarchist paper 'Freedom' as a positive example
If we keep the current system we are doomed
The legacy of Marx
Expanding the floor of the cage
Revolt in the west

-- Workers Solidarity Movement

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